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Ahmad Siwar Qshash
  A little long but very entertaining - the music was great.

Joy Pacheco
  Exactly what we expected. Perfectly serviceable and reasonably priced.

Paula Oliveira
  Very comfortable.

Jenny Spicer
  This pair of shorts, I bought to use for exercising. The elastic band holds the shorts in place, without binding or digging in to my waist. They move with me and flex, or slide when marching, kicking, lunges, etc. Wish I had found these years ago. Going to buy another pair on my next order.

Wills Worrall
  Fun and upbeat music! I have played the CD so much, hope I don't wear it out! Dialogue from Broadway play that's included is interesting, but unfortunately has the F___ word in it several times. Ruins it for kids and wasn't necessary for the dialogue.
Hard to choose a fav song...they're ALL good and move along at a fast chance to be bored.

Danielle Rock
  Very nice design. I'll need to see how the gold part holds up after I wear and wash it to change it to 5 stars. Beware of size. If you're a LG get an XG instead. It runs a little small. I knew this before I purchased it so mines fits.